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Maine’s Next Economy

How the state’s innovators, entrepreneurs and doers are building a new prosperity.

With contributions from fifteen of Maine’s best thinkers, business leaders and organizers, and a foreword by Angus King, this book offers a hopeful and action-oriented look at how to build a new prosperity in Maine without wrecking the place.

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“Alan Caron and his co-authors lay out the case for a bright future… and provide strategies for getting there.”

-Senator Angus King

Envision Maine includes individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the state that are dedicated to creating sustainable prosperity through the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our goal is to promote and support those businesses, organizations, best practice strategies and policies that will create prosperity for all Maine people.

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Following on the heels of our successful Second Annual Envision Maine Summit, we plan on hosting three events in 2016. In addition to the 2016 Annual Summit, there will be two events focused on specific important elements of Maine’s Next Economy. If you would like to be involved in the planning of these events, please click the button below.

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