There is a marvelous undercurrent of change happening in Maine right now. A new economy is emerging in all corners of the state, growing from our own soil and communities, and driven by innovative small businesses and entrepreneurs who share a love of Maine.

It includes everything from a new wave of farming to technology to renewable energy, and all of it employs the same ingenuity, resourcefulness and determination that have been part of Maine’s DNA for hundreds of years.

It is an economy driven by the doers of Maine, who aren’t waiting for some big company from away to come rescue us, or for government to tell us what to do. They’re doing what Mainers have always done: taking matters into their own hands, working with the tools and resources that we have, and building the jobs that we need.

After decades of transition from an economy that was largely dependent upon our natural resources and the rivers that powered our mills, the foundation of Maine’s next economy is under construction.

We’re on the threshold of expanding Maine’s brand so that we’re more than just a great place to visit, we’re also an entrepreneurial state, and a magnet for startups and new ideas.

The work of Envision Maine is to help celebrate that can-do spirit, to accelerate those changes in Maine’s economy and to connect people in all part of the state who are making it happen.

Let’s go build a brighter and more sustainable future together.


SUSTAIN/ME: Supporting Maine's Coastal Entrepreneurs

Jul 12, 2014

This one day seminar is designed to stimulate both business development in Maine, and to attract and create a network of Maine’s emerging entrepreneurs

Maine Startup and Create Week

Jun 12, 2014
  • Upcoming Event

We love Maine, we love our startups, and we love our creative innovators. We are excited about Maine Startup and Create Week and the chance to celebrate, showcase and share some knowledge among Maine micro and small businesses as well as connect and showcase entrepreneurs who are from outside of Maine. 

On June 18 join Envision Maine for a Panel Discussion Breakfast event at Maine Startup and Create Week. REGISTER HERE!